Production process of AE Solar’s factory in China

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AE Solar is one of the leading German brands in the renewable energy industry, providing high quality new energy products and services since 2003.

Tran Le (TLEC) is an EPC investor and contractor with experience in many years in the field of production, electricity transmission, and distribution renewable energy. Currently, Tran Le is the strategic partners and one of the largest distributor of AE Solar in Vietnam. Developing renewable energy is an inevitable trend of the world and Vietnam in particular, so we believe that this cooperation will bring good results in the future.

Let’s join with us to explore more about the production process of solar panel at AE’s factory in China.

Automation helps them to provide precise assembly, avoid defects, and lower down the costs by speeding processes to achieve proper price to quality ratio. All production lines are controlled by centralized software and each robot and machine detects and reports any malfunction online, so engineers and operators can instantly react. Manufacturing buildings are equipped with full temperature, humidity, and dust control equipment.

Areas of storage, warehouses, offices, and other facilities are separated and isolated from the manufacturing room to get the best quality performance. Each assembly stage ends up with a quality check to make sure that internal defects like micro-cracks, black spots, mixed cells of different efficiency, processing defects, insufficient soldering, internal foreign materials, cell gaps, corner defects, breakages, scratches, ribbon misalignments will not be passed to the next stage. Testing stations comply with AAA+ standards and label marking of output after final flash testing and sorting is done only at positive tolerance.

All manufacturing facilities, production processes, and products have been revised, tested, certified, and approved by certification bodies to comply with the most strict international standards of quality, management system, safety, and industry standards to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.


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